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How to Optimize Dubb Video for 3rd Party Services
Personalize Thumbnails with Mobile App
Sendgrid- How to connect Sendgrid to Dubb
How to Change the size of the thumbnail in the body of an email
Update Credit Card Information
Two Logos (or more)
Undo a Trim
How to Add Personalization Text
How do widgets work on Dubb
How do I get a thumbnail or animated gif to appear when sending a Dubb video via sms
How to Configure Twilio Replies
How to allow video viewers to download a video on Dubb
How do email limits work and how do I request an increase in email sending
How to Send Through 3rd Party Email
How to Create a YouTube Subscribe Call-to-Action on Dubb
How to use the Dubb dashboard
How to Share Videos with Team Members
How to Use the Dubb Bio Link
How to Make Videos Autoplay
How to Generate, Edit, and Attach Closed Captions with Dubb
How to Manage Contacts
How to Trim a Video
How to Resize a thumbnail
How to send a Dubb video via SMS / Text message
Why is my credit card being declined when I try to Subscribe to Dubb?
How to Send Directly Through Dubb
Why aren’t thumbnails appearing on LinkedIn?
How to Create, Manage, Track and Delete Email/SMS Campaigns on Dubb
How to use reply with a video
Why am I seeing a 404 error message page?
How to use Facebook Comment Widget
Where are Dubb's data centers/content delivery networks (CDNs) located?
How to use Emoji Response buttons
What kind of videos can I create with Dubb?
How to Link Accounts on Dubb
Videos won't Upload
Videos Must be 'Shared with Team' in Order to be Available for Campaigns
Using Dubb to Share Videos on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
Update Payment Method
How to Insert Dubb Videos into ActiveCampaign
Turn off Exit-Intent Popup
How to Use Email Personalization Text Tokens
Team Reporting
How to Increase Your Email Open and Click Rates
Teachers and Educators Plan
Single Sign On (SSO) Configuration
How to send a Dubb video via SMS / Text message
Screen Recording Issues - OS Catalina
How to increase Email Responses
Resolve Microphone Connection Issues on Mac OS Mojave and Big Sur
Linkedin Integration not working, not showing up
How to use Dubb Virtual Backgrounds
How to Get Detailed Activity Reporting
Invalid Token Format
How to Resize a thumbnail
Import Contacts in CSV format
How to use the Dubb iMessage Extension
How to get contact-level activity tracking for multiple recipients
How to use the Dubb dashboard
How to Send & Track Videos
How to Get Additional Support and Contact the Dubb Team
How to use the Dubb dashboard
How to use Dubb Video Descriptions
How to Get Activity Tracking
How to Gate Your Video with a Form
How to use Dubb Tasks
How to Fix Microphone Issues on Mojave Operating System
How to use Dubb's 'Video Reply' Feature
How to Export a Video in HTML to Use on Landing Pages or Third-Party Email Services
How to Send Video SMS with Dubb
How to Enable Dubb Messaging to Add Instant Chat on Video Pages
How to use Dubb's 'Video Reply' Feature
How to Embed a Video onto an External Website/Landing Page
How to Use Dubb QR Codes to Share Videos
How to Edit Videos
How to Use Dubb QR Codes to Share Videos
How to Manage Contacts
How to use Dubb QR Codes Features
How to Download a Video or Video Reply
How to Disable Video Page Signature
How to Disable Tracking
How to use Dubb Messaging
How to use Dubb Deals
How to Disable Dubb Branding (for Paid Subscribers & Free trial)
How to use Dubb Deals
How to Use Dubb CRM Feature
How to disable blog content desktop and mobile notifications
How to use Caira™️ Speech Analysis with your Dubb Videos
How to Delete Contacts
How to use Caira™️ Speech Analysis with your Dubb Videos
How to Customize Your Video Page
How to customize video link or URL
How to Upload Videos to Dubb
How to Customize Thumbnails
How to Customize Colors and Playback for the Dubb Video Player
How to Upload Dubb Videos Directly to YouTube
How to Update the Custom Footer of Your Video Landing Page
How to Create, Use and Manage Tags
How to Create, Update and Delete Custom Landing Pages on Dubb
How to Update Dubb Subscription
How to Create Email Notifications in Dubb Automation Workflows
How to Track Videos
How to Create, Edit, Manage and Delete Contacts on Dubb
How to Track Videos
How to Create, Edit, Manage, and Delete a Call to Action
How to Create Video Playlist
How to Track User Engagement in Videos
How to Share a Video on All Channels (including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Email, SMS & more)
How to Set Up Your Dubb Video Email Signature
How to Setup Portfolio Pages
How to Create and Manage Video Presets
How to Set a Custom Thumbnail Graphic
How to Create and Manage Groups on Dubb
How to Record with Webcam Teleprompter + Scripts Management
How to Record Videos
How to record PDF, PowerPoints, and other Files with the Dubb Chrome Extension
How to Create a Custom Video Playlist
How to Password Protect Dubb Videos
How to create and customize Dubb Showcases
How to Optimize Video Tracking for Third-party Senders
How to Connect Yahoo Email as an SMTP
How to Optimize/Design your Video Background
How to Configure Google Gmail, Outlook, SMTP to Campaign Sender
How to Manage Your Video Library on Dubb
How to manage video and contacts tags on Dubb
How to Manage Your Team - Dubb Team Management
How to Configure a Credit Card Form using Dubb Payments
How to manage a video on Dubb.
How to Collect Written Reviews
Video SMS Configuration and Setup
How to Collect Video Testimonials
How to Clear Cache/Cookies in Chrome (when Transcoding or Recording gets stuck)
How to Change the Quality of your Dubb video
How to Cancel
AI-Powered Sales Strategies using Dubb