Option 1. Dubb Knowledge Base

Search the Dubb Knowledge Base ( https://support.dubb.com) for detailed, step-by-step support articles with videos.

Option 2. Dubb Community Site

Read and post questions to the Dubb Community site ( https://community.dubb.com) for support from the Dubb support team and larger user base.

Option 3. Dubb Facebook Group

Get support from the Dubb team and larger userbase in the Dubb Facebook Group ( https://dubb.com/fbgroup)

Option 4. Email the Dubb team

If you require additional support, please visit the Dubb contact page ( https://support.dubb.com/contact) and fill out the contact form. Please include a detailed inquiry (with explanatory screenshots and/or video) and allow 1 business day for a response.

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