Dubb allows you to send videos in many different ways, and also allows you to track the analytics and engagement of your videos

Here are videos showing how you can Send and Track Dubb Videos:

  1. Copy and Paste Method- You can use the copy and paste function to put trackable videos into nearly any channel including email, CRMs, SMS, and social media.

2. Campaigns and Automation - If you are using Dubb's Campaign or Automation tool you can send out videos at scale and get full analytics and reporting, the same way as if you sent them 1-1

However, If you are sending videos in bulk through a third-party tool such as Mailchimp, or a CRM you will not be able to get the same detailed video analytics you do when sending through Dubb.

Here is are videos for how Dubb Campaigns and Dubb Automations work:


Tracking videos sent to yourself or those close by
If you are sending videos to yourself, the tracking will not take place.
You have to open the videos on a device different than the one you sent them from, while connected to a different internet.

For example, If you send yourself a video on the computer, you have to open the video on your mobile device, while connected to a different internet than your computer, such as mobile data.

Multiple Email Opens
Sometimes you will notice that a video will have several email opens. Often these are not all the recipients manually opening the email themselves. This can be due to several things such as devices and applications that preview emails.

Location Reporting Inaccuracy
There will be times where it will show a video was viewed in a location other than where the viewer is actually located. This can be due to several things including the type of network they are connected to and the device they are viewing the video from.

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