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How to Record Videos
How to Record Videos

Record Videos

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Dubb offers several convenient ways to create videos, all explained below.

Here is a video demonstrating how you can easily record and send actionable videos using Dubb Chrome Extention:

Here is a quick overview of how to record/upload your videos from the website:

How to Create Videos

1. Website Recorder - This allows you to create webcam videos, screen videos, and upload videos.
From your dashboard, click the record/upload button in the top right corner. You will be able to select additional recording options including virtual backgrounds for webcam recordings. Click on the blue checkmark to stop recording and begin the uploading process to your video library.

2. Dubb Chrome Extension - This allows you to create screen recordings, webcam videos, and screen recordings with webcam overlay. Install from the Chrome Web Store. Then, click on the Dubb icon in your Chome browser menubar for easy access:

3. Add-ons/Integrations - You can record directly through the many add-ons and integrations such as Gmail, Linkedin, Salesforce, and more.

4. Mobile App - You can record multiple clips, with music, text and emoji overlay, and more. This is a powerful way to make dynamic videos with real-time editing features that are easy to learn.
​Here is a video on how to record videos with the mobile app:


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