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How to Customize Thumbnails
How to Customize Thumbnails

Dubb allows you to create and customize thumbnails for your videos so that you have the highest chance of your videos being clicked on.

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1. Personalization Text
Using Dubb's Personalization text feature, you can put the first name and other text on the thumbnail of the video.

2. Default Thumbnail
You can use Dubb's recording functions to start the video on someone's personal page, such as their Linkedin profile, so that the Thumbnail of the video is something known and interesting to the prospect. The first 3 seconds of your video will be used as the animated GIF preview.

3. Custom Thumbnail Graphics
Dubb also allows you to upload a custom thumbnail image (PNG, JPG, GIF) and use that in place of the thumbnail that is automatically generated from the first frame. You can change a video thumbnail on the video editing tab.

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