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How to Create and Manage Video Presets
How to Create and Manage Video Presets

This article will help you create and manage video presets.

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Dubb's Video Page Preset feature allows users to instantly apply a predetermined set of Calls-To-Actions, Video Playlist, Background, Color Scheme, and more, to a video page.

Here is a video that explains how this works:

Step 1 - Create a Preset

Under Assets > Video Presets, click on the blue plus button in the upper right. Then you can create your new Video Page Preset by selecting the elements you want to include and saving the preset. You can also assign a default preset so that the preset is automatically applied to each video created or uploaded to the account.

Step 2 - Apply Preset

From Dashboard > Videos > Select a video to access the video info page. You can instantly apply any preset you created with the preset button on the video information page.

Step 3 - Preview Video Landing Page

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