Step 1. You must already have access to an email sending platform (Mailchimp, most CRMS, etc..)

Locate the personalization token the platform uses for emails
For example, in Infusionsoft it is ~Contact.Email~

Step 2. Use third-party tool such as
to encode the email personalization token.
For example, Infusionsofts email token (~Contact.Email~) encoded is %7EContact.Email%7E

Step 3. Within your Email, sending Platforms interface view the code version of your Dubb Video. (Click the View Code Button <>)

Locate the three instances in which the video URL appears in the code.
add to the end of the video URL &email=(Encoded Email Token)
For example, in Infusionsoft the three video URLs should be

Step 4. (optional) You can remove the text and button that appear below the video as part of the dubb code. But if you put your own button in its place be sure to add the entire video URL including the &email=(Encoded Email Token)

Step 5. Send an email and view contact-level tracking

GENERIC Email token and encoded version{email}

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