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How do widgets work on Dubb
How do widgets work on Dubb

How do widgets work on Dubb

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This article explains how to create, configure and add a widget to a website.
Dubb widgets are a simple way to add a video to a specific page on your website.

To add a video widget to your website, follow the following steps.

  1. Add a video to your Dubb account. This can we a video that you capture with your webcam, phone, Dubb Chrome Extension screen recorder or from a video upload. Once you create your video, click on the 4th tab on the video info page.

  2. Once your video is created, specify the settings on the Widget tab. You can configure the following elements: placement, autoplay, inclusion of CTAs, and hiding on mobile. Once you have configured your widget, copy the source code to your clipboard.

  3. Now that the source is in your clipboard, paste the code at the highest point of the <body> tag on your website. You can have multiple videos for different web pages, or you can have the same video on multiple pages. If you use a script/tag management system, include or exclude the code where you see fit.

Now that you have added the widget code to your website your visitors can watch a video directly from your website.

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