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How to use Dubb for social media videos
How to use Dubb for social media videos

How to use the Dubb mobile app to create dynamic, social media videos for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

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Here is a detailed list of how to use the Dubb mobile app to create social media videos. Please watch the live support video below to see how you can use the Dubb mobile app to create dynamic, multiple clips for your social channels.
1. Configure your CTAs and Presets on Dubb (make sure to select "allow video download" on the Preset). We recommend titling the preset "Social Videos"

2. Create a content calendar with topics and outlines (we use Asana for our project management).

3. Record a video using the Dubb mobile app (create multiple clips and flip camera when necessary)

4. Add some real-time editing (voice-over, music, text overly (videos less than 10 seconds), trimming, and hyperlapse.

5. Merge and upload to your Dubb account

6. Download the video to your phone or computer and publish it to ALL your social channels. Make sure to add a compelling title/caption.

This method allows you to create one video for all your social channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. This will result in saving time and giving you a method to make social posting part of your daily flow.

Please note: If you'd rather outsource the publishing of your social videos to another person or agency, simply send them the original Dubb video so they can edit/publish as needed.

If you have a second Dubb video you want to include as another video people can watch, simply share the URL in the social post's comments (just make sure to have CTAs set up!)

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