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How to manage a video on Dubb.
How to manage a video on Dubb.

A simple guide to managing your videos on Dubb

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Need more information on how to manage your video?

On the video information page, you will find detailed information regarding your video’s performance. The ‘Activity’ bar allows you to filter by activity type, which includes page views, email clicks, call-to-action clicks, and more.

When attaching a video to an email, you have the ability to add a line of personalization text that will appear on the video’s thumbnail. To attach a video, click ‘Copy Link & Thumbnail.’ To distribute the video to other applications, select the dropdown menu for a list of options.

You are also able to embed your video onto a landing page. This is useful when you want to place your videos on your website with your call to action button and custom design intact.

Create a video here:

Manage your videos here:

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