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Using Dubb to Share Videos on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
Using Dubb to Share Videos on Social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)

Dubb gives you the ability to create and host videos on instantly viewable actionable landing pages.

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Check out this video on how to share videos to Social Channels with Dubb:

Once a video is added to Dubb a landing page is created and can be shared across multiple social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Here are the steps to share your Dubb video URL on social platforms. To get started make sure you create or upload a video to Dubb (via the Dubb Chrome Extension, Mobile app, or website).

Option 1. Share the URL to social media platforms

  1. Click on the video URL

  2. Copy the URL into the social platform of your choice (make sure to add caption text before the URL for context).

  3. Publish the post. This will typically display an animated GIF in the post and provide a clickable option for the viewer

Option 2. Share directly from Dubb

  1. Click on the "Share and Send" button in the video edit page

  2. Click on the "Social" tab

  3. Click the desired social platform of your choice to instantly share!

Please note: Generally speaking social networks do not promote links to third-party platforms. This is so because their goal is to generate revenue and keep users on their platforms.

For this reason, we recommend natively posting videos to social networks and then providing a Dubb video URL in the comments.

This way people have a native video they can watch on the platform, and also have a link to click on for an additional call to action (fill out a form, click a button, watch a different video, schedule a time, etc).

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