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How to Embed and Share Videos from YouTube on Dubb
How to Embed and Share Videos from YouTube on Dubb

This article explains how to take any video from any YouTube and create a Dubb action page with it.

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Now you can make YouTube videos actionable with Dubb’s calls-to-action, calendar integration, real-time chat, and much more.

How to add a video from YouTube to your Dubb Account:

Step 1. Copy the URL of the YouTube video

Step 2. Click on the red record button (top right) within your Dubb dashboard.

Step 3. Select the third tag “Add from YouTube” Copy and paste the YouTube URL in the field

Step 4. Add a custom title and click Submit.

Once you do this you can add, edit or delete elements from a newly created Dubb action page with the YouTube video embedded on the page. This includes adding calls-to-action, calendar integration, forms, products, and much more.

Make sure to add all your relevant calls to action within your Dubb dashboard.

View Numbers on YouTube

Embedding a YouTube video on a Dubb page does include the number of views to your YouTube video the same way a typical embedded YouTube video does Auto Play.

There are settings to autoplay an embedded YouTube video on a Dubb page, however, this is based on the users’ browser settings on their desktop or mobile device.

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