Affiliate Program

Here are the steps to join, share and earn with the Dubb Affiliate Program.
You receive a 30% recurring commission for the lifetime of the subscription

First, you must have an account on dubb.
Next, visit and apply for the affiliate program

Once you are approved (Usually 24-48hrs) you will be able to log in and have access to your "referral link" under the Assets tab.

Copy and paste your referral link into the field on Dubb that says "Affiliate ID"

Referral Program

Here are the steps to join, share, and earn with the Dubb Referral Program.

1. Get a free or paid account on
2. Find your affiliate tracking code/URL at
3. Grab assets here:
4. Share your referral code/URL via social, email, advertising, webinars & more.
5. Track commissions in your dashboard

All users are invited to the Dubb Affiliate Program by default.

By default, your affiliate code is included on any link back to Dubb from any video you send via Dubb, so by using the platform for your own business, you are also driving affiliate revenue via Dubb. Earnings can be applied to your Dubb account or redeemed as a cash payout.

When you first sign up you'll notice a message on the top of the dashboard.

To promote or invite others to the Dubb platform simply visit the invite page or click on the check icon in the top navigation (desktop only).

Here you will see many options to share your unique referral code.

To track your commissions, visit the Referrals page in settings.

Here you will see a table that tracks your referred signups, subscriptions and commissions.

Payout amounts

As part of the referral program, you will be able to earn 100% of the first month's fee for monthly subscriptions and 10% of annual subscriptions.

Your credits are redeemable for site credits (for storage, upgrades) or cash. For cash payout, there is a minimum of $500 required earnings first.

Discount amounts

Your referral code offers a 10% discount by default.

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