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Sendgrid- How to connect Sendgrid to Dubb
Sendgrid- How to connect Sendgrid to Dubb

Sendgrid, connecting sendgrid to Dubb, sendgrid

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Here is a video showing how to connect Sendgrid to Dubb.

If you are purchasing lists and plan on sending mass emails to cold contacts there are additional steps to follow. Proceed to Step 4 below, before starting with Step 1

1 . First you must authenticate your Domain on Sendgrid
This is so that you can send emails directly from your own domain
(It shows the email is coming from you and not Dubb/Sendgrid)

UPDATE! In the video below, For Google Domain specifically, you guys just need to copy the first part of the host name, such as em8084, s1._domainkey, s2._domainkey - Do not copy the part. This is specific for Google Domains, as they are already adding the domain, for most other DNS providers you want to copy the full host

2. Next, connect your Sendgrid account to Dubb using the API Key

3. Send Bulk Email Campaigns and Automations on Dubb using Sendgrid

4. If you are planning on sending cold emails you will want to purchase a new domain for example: or or any variation that is inexpensive to purchase

There is a higher risk of being marked as spam when sending cold emails, so to protect the reputation of your main domain, you buy a secondary domain dedicated to sending email

5. Return to Step 1 and Authenticate your New Domain on SendGrid, then you will connect Sendgrid to an Email Warm Up service.

When you purchase a new domain, the domain needs to be "warmed up" before you can use it for bulk sending
Spam emails make up almost half of all email traffic, so email service providers (ESPs) — like Gmail, Outlook, have all developed effective filters to protect their users from spam.

Email warm up tools generate activity on your email account to prove to ESPs that you’re a trustworthy sender.

There are many resources for this service (Typically around $9 per month)

If not sending cold email, you can connect your Authenticate your primary domain (Step 1) and skip Step 4 and Step 5

6. Anytime you are sending bulk emails, it is ALWAYS recommended that you clean your list prior to sending
This ensures you get as few Bounces and Undeliverables, etc, that typically harm the sending reputation of your email.
Wait right up until you are about to send your emails, then validate them so your list is as up to date as possible
Import into the tool, clean then export the clean contacts and import them into Dubb
This service varies in price, and sometimes great deals are available:

7. After you have Warmed up your new domain (4 weeks minimum recommended), you are ready to connect it to Dubb (Step 2)

8 Bonus!
Set up DMARC SPF and DKIM Records for the best email deliverability
Set up these records before sending emails to contacts.
(this video does not include DKIM, for that reference this link

9 Check your email deliverability score here;

10. Check your IP Address/Domain Reputation

This will show you how to make improvements

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