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How to Install and Use the Dubb Desktop App for Mac
How to Install and Use the Dubb Desktop App for Mac

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This article will show you how to install and use the Dubb Desktop app to allow you to record videos of your webcam, screen, narrator, or combination.

  1. Visit this URL:, and download either the PC or Mac Version.

  2. Open the downloaded Dubb Installer and add Dubb to the applications folder

Granting access to your webcam and microphone typically takes place during the installation process. You can search for the webcam and microphone access options within your settings to verify that you have been granted the correct permissions. Please make sure that you have allowed access to both your webcam, microphone, and screen recording to take advantage of the full feature set of the Dubb Desktop app.

When you install on Mac, it will request permissions and you need to grant permissions as they’re requested. (This is under System Settings> Privacy & Security> Microphone, Web Cam, and Screen & System Audio Recording)

3. Go to Applications and launch the app.

If you're on macOS, you’ll notice the Dubb icon on the top menu bar of your screen. This will give you shortcut links to the various features of the Dubb desktop app including direct access to the quick menu.

Full Tutorial

This tutorial shows in detail how to use all the functions of the Dubb Desktop App:

Main functionalities of the Dubb Desktop App.

  1. Screen Recording

    For this option, click “record screen” from the Quick Menu. You’ll have the ability to select the canvas size of your choice. For Dubb or YouTube Videos, we recommend full screen or 16:9 aspect ratio. For videos for social media platforms such as YouTube shorts, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, X, or others, we recommend 9:16 aspect ratio. By default, Dubb will record your entire screen.

    If you’d like to include a video feed from your webcam, turn this option on and select the correct webcam. You can change the size, placement, and shape of your webcam video as well.

    You can also select to mirror your video or add a virtual background.

    If you’d like to use the teleprompter, select the option from the control bar. Here you can create a script or you can select one from your library. Once you’ve selected a script, now you’ll need to adjust the teleprompter. Make sure the text size is comfortable to read. Please note that the teleprompter or control bar will not be visible in your video by default. You also have the option to add annotations (such as shapes, arrows, text, numbering, privacy blocking, drawing, and more). To clear any annotations in your video, click the trash icon in the annotations toolbar. Please note: if you have an annotations tool selected, you can interact with your screen. Click on the mouse icon to regain access to your screen or shut off the annotations tool.

    To place any annotations on your screen, select the annotation type in the toolbar and then click on your screen so that it appears.

Now you’re almost ready to click the red button to start recording your screen.

While recording on the Dubb Desktop App, you’ll always have the option to pause while recording to prepare yourself and your screen.

Next to the recording button, you’ll notice a dropdown where you can select a 3-second timer, which is turned on by default. You can also disable this timer. If you want to record audio from a video on your computer, click the drop-down next to the record button, and select Include system audio.

Turning this on will allow you to capture audio coming from both your microphone and computer.

2. Webcam Video

The next type of video that you can record using the Dubb Desktop app is a webcam video. Make sure to select the correct mic, webcam, and settings such as mirroring your webcam or virtual background. You can also turn the teleprompter on.

3. Narrator Video

This is a narrated video of a screen share using a pre-recorded human video or an AI Avatar video, all made on Dubb. The benefit of using the narrator feature is that you can craft an impactful script, then use the teleprompter or AI to say everything perfectly, and then record your screen to match what the narrator is saying.

The first video that you’ll need to have is your narrator video. If you plan on including a video of a spokesperson in your narrator video, we recommend that you have a high-resolution webcam. Alternatively, you can use the Dubb mobile app.

Alternatively, you can generate an AI avatar video using Dubb Ava.

Once you’ve completed your narration video, you can preview and select it from the search window. This will display your narration video on your screen. You can select the shape of your window, move it, resize it, and zoom in on your video. By default, it will capture the system audio to include the narrator audio, but you can also include mic audio by making sure the microphone is turned on

Please note that while you’re recording a narration video you have the option to pause the narrator video to give yourself time to share something on your screen, or you can pause the entire video to prepare yourself for the next part of your video.

Remember that you can pause, and record in multiple clips, so if you feel like it’s easier to record your video in individual segment clips, feel free to do so.

4. Import YouTube

This feature allows you to import a video and title into Dubb to easily create a dedicated video landing page with your calls to action. This will prevent your viewers from getting distracted by YouTube’s recommended videos. First, enter the title and the YouTube link and you’ll be taken to the video edit page where you can configure your preset, calls-to-action, or branding, and have various sharing options.

5. Video Editor

This feature allows you to upload videos from your computer directly into the editor, select the Video Editor option. You can upload videos from your computer or record from your screen or webcam.

Another feature that we recommend using on the Dubb Desktop app is the Dubb IRA AI Writing Assistant. This feature allows you to write or rewrite copy for all your sales and marketing needs. Make sure to specify the task, industry, topic, tone, and length to create the best-suited copy.

From the Quick menu, you can also access your Dubb Dashboard, the training library, and the settings section.

In the settings, section, you’ll notice the ability to set your preferences for saved file destination, frame rate, clip recording, countdown timers, notifications, and more. Most of these settings are already configured, so you only make changes here if you need something specific. You’ll also be able to view and edit your shortcuts, which makes the recording process much easier.

For example, if you want to use a keyboard shortcut to pause your video, instead of having to click the pause button. Go to shortcuts, then enter the key strokes you want to use for your shortcuts.

If you are having technical issues with the app, please try uninstalling then reinstalling the latest version from

If this does not work, please try resetting the app data.

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