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How to use the Dubb Mobile App
How to use the Dubb Mobile App

Dubb Mobile App

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This article will help you install and use the Dubb Mobile App.

The Dubb mobile app is a powerful all-in-one solution that allows you to capture videos, and share them via multiple channels including email, SMS, and social, while providing tools to effectively manage your contacts (in a CRM), and track how they engage with your content.

Download the Dubb mobile app in the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Full App Tutorial

This tutorial shows in detail how to use all the functions of the all-new Dubb Mobile App.

Here is the Table of Contents for this article.

Bottom Navigation Bar

The bottom navigation bar conveniently provides links to your home screen, the AI writing assistant, the camera, and the CRM for contact management.

Dubb Camera

The top-rightmost icon lets you switch between your front and rear cameras seamlessly. If you'd like to alternate between them within the same video, you can record a clip, tap the button, and continue by hitting record again.

The next icon provides the ability to change the resolution. This feature is valuable if you are connected to a slower Internet connection and want to upload faster. Alternatively, if you're looking for a higher-resolution video, HD is available but takes more time to upload. We recommend you be on WIFI or a fast cellular connection for this.

Next is the ability to set a countdown when you record. You can choose between three or 10 seconds, which will allow you to prepare for your video recording.

The next icon is the teleprompter feature. This feature allows you to easily record a video while reading from the teleprompter. You will have the ability to increase or decrease the font size or adjust the speed of the text to match your preference. If you are on an iPhone you can also use the Auto Track speech recognition feature by clicking the cog wheel in the teleprompter.

To add your scripts, you can start with a script you write or use the Dubb AI writing assistant, available on the Dubb mobile app, desktop app, Chrome Extension, or website.

In the Dubb teleprompter you can create, edit, or select from your library a script.

Once your script is selected on your device, you will have the ability to increase or decrease the size of the font by pinching or expanding your fingers on the teleprompter text.

You can also increase or decrease the scroll speed of the teleprompter by moving the speed control left or right.

If you are on an iPhone, you can select auto-track which will use speech recognition software to track your teleprompter reading.

We always recommend taking a moment to optimize the teleprompter's size, speed, and location to suit your needs. These settings are sticky, so you set them up once, and the app will remember them.

Next, is the ability to upload videos recorded on your native camera from your device. You can upload those files directly to Dubb or upload additional videos and merge them before uploading.

Next is the ability to record your screen on the Dubb mobile app.

On iPhone, you’ll notice the Microphone is turned off by default. So, if you want to record your voice with your screen, turn this option on.

On Android, your microphone audio is automatically included. These screen recordings will be saved to your device and need to be uploaded to the Dubb app.

On iPhone, screen videos will save to your camera roll, and on Android, screen recordings will save in your gallery with "Dubb Screen Recorder" in the title.

The next option is the ability to add filters while you are recording. This includes skin smoothing, as well as other common camera filters.

There’s also the ability to record picture-in-picture video, which shows a video feed of your front camera while showing and recording your back camera simultaneously.

This is valuable for any walkthrough or explanation where you want to show your perspective, as well as what you can see on your camera. This feature is ideal for home tours, vehicle tours, physical location tours, product demos and more.

This last icon on the right allows you to activate the virtual background and select an image from our library or upload it from your device. The virtual background feature requires a newer device to work well.

At the bottom of the camera, you will notice multiple length options so that you can specify the length of your video clips. Specifying a shorter length will help you stay concise in your messaging and add multiple clips to make recording easier. Remember you can also merge multiple short clips into one larger video to make the recording and watching experience as efficient as possible

To record a video, Tap the record button once to initiate a recording and then tap it again to stop the recording. You can also tap and hold the record button and it will continue to record as long as you are holding it.

After you record your first clip, the app will ask permission to access the photos on your device to save a backup of your video (in case anything goes wrong during the recording or uploading).

You must grant the permissions the app requests for all the functionality to work.

If permissions are denied, uninstall and reinstall the mobile app and allow the permissions.

After recording a video, you'll have several options to enhance its production value, such as adding music, voiceovers, and trimming. It's important to note that these editing features are accessible both at the individual clip level and for the entire merged video. This post-production does require additional processing time so only use these options if you have extra time.

If you wish to delete a clip and redo it, click the back button next to the record trigger. You can also click the thumbnail icon and select the delete option.

The next feature on the Dubb mobile app is the AI writing assistant which you'll find in the bottom navigation of the Dubb mobile app. You'll notice the ability to add a writing prompt to write or rewrite a script for any channel including email copy, a sales script, a social media outline, a YouTube video, a personalized Dubb video message, or any other promotional asset you desire.

By clicking on the cogwheel, you'll notice some additional options to further optimize your copy, including task, industry, and tone. We recommend that you specify the length of your copy.

Once you've submitted your request, you will always have the ability to edit your script. Upon completion of your script, you'll have two options: 1) import it into your teleprompter script library, or 2) copy it directly to your clipboard.

We always recommend that you do a quick read-through and editing pass of your script before you start recording. This will prevent you from having to record multiple takes and the inconvenience that comes with this.

Dubb CRM

Dubb is a comprehensive video sales system, featuring an integrated CRM solution (or the option to seamlessly integrate with your existing CRM). Within the contacts section, you can view and manage your contacts.

Activity Reporting

In the left-hand navigation menu, you'll find the option to access your activity reporting. This feature provides valuable insights into how your audience interacts with your email and video content. Within this section, you'll discover detailed data points including email open and clicks, video page views, percentage of video watched, engagement with call-to-action prompts, form fills, and much more.

Video Library

This is where you can access all your videos in one place. You'll also find your video replies, which are video messages received in response to any videos you've shared.

Support Section

If you need support using the Dubb mobile app, we encourage you to visit the support page. There, you'll find a wealth of resources including a knowledge base, various training options, and the option to reach out to us for one-on-one support.

We recommend that you click on the training link and register for our daily live training sessions. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn firsthand from our team about maximizing your experience with the Dubb platform.


In the settings section, you'll notice the ability to manage your personal profile information as well as the ability to manage your preferences.

By default, all video clips you create are automatically downloaded to your phone.

However, if you'd like to change any of those settings, feel free to do so in the settings or the preferences.

You'll also find the option to manage your notifications, giving you the flexibility to enable specific notification types based on the engagement you receive with your video content.

How to Share from mobile

From the mobile app, you can share videos through text or email, including a preview of the video.

First, if you want to share the video through email with the preview, start by tapping on the video you want to share.

From there, tap the copy icon in the top right corner, and here you will have the option to enter a person's email for tracking, so you can share the same video with different people, and get unique tracking of their activity.

When you are ready to share the video, tap the copy for email option, then open your preferred email application on your phone.

Be sure to add a subject, and at least one sentence for context, then paste your clipboard, and you will have the preview with the video in the body of the email.

If you want to send a video via text, here is what we recommend:

For iPhone, you can use the iMessage Extension to insert a video directly into the body of a text message.

If you are on Android, or using a different application for texting, we recommend you tap the three dots, then click Copy URL for SMS.

This provides a short link that is optimized for sending through text.

Please note that if you are sending a text message to someone who has never responded to a message before, no preview will show, and the link will not be clickable. This is a built-in feature mobile carriers provide to prevent malicious activity. Our recommendation is to send a message first, to ask if you can share a video with them, and then once they reply, you can share the URL for SMS and it will automatically generate a clickable preview on their end. This is the best way to ensure the preview shows, and that the links are clickable.

If you want to share a video through any other channel, such as Social Media direct messages, you can tap the three dots, tap Copy URL, then paste the link wherever you want to share the message.

Please note, if you are sending videos to people outside of your direct network on Linkedin, facebook, or other platforms, no preview will automatically be generated.

Here is how you can enforce a GIF preview along with the link in an SMS:

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