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How to use the Dubb Desktop App Teleprompter
How to use the Dubb Desktop App Teleprompter

Dubb Desktop App Teleprompter

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This article demonstrates how to use the teleprompter feature on the Dubb Desktop App.

To access the Teleprompter on the Dubb Desktop App:

  1. Open the Dubb Desktop App

  2. Select a recording option from the Quick Menu (Record Screen or Record Webcam)

3. Turn on the teleprompter on the Control bar

You can also access the teleprompter using shortcut keys

(For Mac: Option + T)

(For Windows: Alt + T)

4. Select or search for a teleprompter script

To adjust the size of your script's text, click on the โ€“ or + symbols.

You can set the teleprompter to scroll automatically at a designated speed, so you can read from your script while recording. You can use the slider to adjust the pace in words per minute.

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