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How to Use the Dubb LinkedIn Extension
How to Use the Dubb LinkedIn Extension

How to Integrate Dubb with LinkedIn

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To use the Dubb LinkedIn Extension, install the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Here is a video for how the Dubb Linkedin Extension works:

If the button is not showing inside for Linkedin after installing, the shortcut may not be available to you

As a backup, you can use the Dubb Chrome Extension to copy and paste videos, with the same convenience and speed as the button inside of Linkedin

Once you install this extension and log into the extension you will see the Dubb icon in a LinkedIn message window, the connection message window where you add a note, and in the comments window.

Click on the Dubb icon to see your options:

  • Record - Record videos directly from your Gmail window. Please note this is a webcam recording only. If you like to include a screen video, then record your screen by clicking on the Dubb Chrome Extension icon in the Chrome menu bar. After uploading, you can and select the video from the Dubb interface in your Gmail window.

  • Upload - Upload videos saved on your computer.

  • Activity - View activity reporting for all videos.

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