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How to Increase Your Email Open and Click Rates
How to Increase Your Email Open and Click Rates

This article provides tips and suggestions on how to increase email open and click rates using Dubb.

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Here are a few suggestions to increase your email open and click rates:

  1. Make sure to include the person's name in the subject line (e.g. Sally, here's a video just for you!)

  2. We recommend not using email broadcast tools like MailChimp or Constant Contact if you are looking to maximize your open and click rates. Often times broadcast emails end up in the Promo or Spam/Trash folders.

  3. With a paid subscription to Dubb, you can connect your Gmail account which will allow you to send videos from your Gmail account via Dubb (daily sending limits to apply).

  4. Lastly, try to make your thumbnail images as compelling and personalized as possible. Check out the Dubb mobile app where you can use the whiteboard tool. With it, you can display a person's name on your phone in order to create a compelling and personalized thumbnail. This function is used with a webcam recording. Make sure to begin your webcam video while displaying the image from the app.


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