In order to share a Dubb video via email on the Dubb Chrome extension, follow these steps.

  1. Open the Dubb Chrome Extension and make sure you're logged in.

  2. Select the "Videos" section

  3. Click the "Share" button beneath the video

  4. Add personalization text (text such as "Hi Firstname" that appears on top of the thumbnail image and video)

  5. Add the contact's email address (for contact level tracking e.g. John Smith watched 100% of your video)

  6. Click the "Copy for Email" button

  7. Paste into the body of a 1:1 or campaign email in the email client, CRM system, or marketing automation system of your choice.

Please note: The system will automatically Optimize the clipboard pasting data for the specific system if we have an integration build. If you do not see a software platform you use in the drop-down list and would like to recommend an addition, please email

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