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Dubb Partners (formerly known as affiliates)
How to Signup for the Dubb Partners Program (formerly known as Dubb Affiliates)
How to Signup for the Dubb Partners Program (formerly known as Dubb Affiliates)

This article helps you setup and manage your Dubb Partners account (formerly Dubb Affiliates).

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This article is relevant for both existing partners (formerly known as affiliates) and new ones.

Step 1. Apply / Verify your Partner Account

Click on the Apply Now button in your Dubb Dashboard. Please note: if you signed up in the past, this step is not necessary since your account was automatically transfered.

Step 2. Verify Your Account

Look for the verification email (sent by PartnerStack) and click "Follow this link"

Step 3. Complete Signup Process

Page 1. Complete your profile

Enter your first name, last name, email (automatically populated), and password. Make sure to agree to the PartnerStack terms of service.

Please note your password must include the following:

  • 8 characters

  • one uppercase character

  • one lowercase character

  • one number

  • one symbol

Page 2. Enter your company name

If you would like to use your name as your company name, simply select this checkbox.

Page 3. View Tutorial

Next, you will notice a popup screen. We recommend clicking the "Learn More" button to get a quick tutorial pf the PartnerStack platform.

Page 4. Describe your business

This page will ask for relevant information for your business and how you intend to be a partner.

Page 5. Invite your team members

This page will allow you to invite people from your organization so they can have access to your Dubb Partners PartnerStack dashboard. You can copy the link and share it with your team or input their emails into the invite form to have the system automatically send them an invite.

Page 6. PartnerStack Dashboard

Next, you will see the PartnerStack dashboard. At the top of the page, you will see the Terms of Service. Make sure to review the terms and click the checkbox to verify your account.

Page 7. Configure your payment option

Click on the "Rewards & Withdrawals" link in the top navigation.

On this page, you will be able to configure your Paypal or Stripe account in order to receive payments.

This completes the initial signup process to the Dubb Partners Program.


Make sure to use the link in your Dubb Dashboard as your referral link!

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