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How to Setup Dubb Salesforce Reporting
How to Setup Dubb Salesforce Reporting

This article explains the initial steps in setting up Dubb + Salesforce Reporting

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1. Activate Salesforce API Integration

To do this visit Dubb dashboard > Settings > Integrations > Install Salesforce

2. Add default activity tasks based on team protocol (examples listed below).

  • Send Dubb video 1:1 email

  • Send Dubb video LinkedIn

  • Send Dubb video Campaign

  • Send Dubb video SMS

To do this, visit Setup > Object Manager > Tasks > Fields & Relationships > Subject

PLEASE NOTE: You might be required to log out and back in to see these new tasks in your Salesforce account.

Once this is completed you will see these options in the default "Log a Call" component.

2. Add Campaigns based on team protocol (this requires Marketing User access, examples listed below)

  • Dubb

  • (sub-campaign) Dubb Video 1:1 Email

  • (sub-campaign) Dubb Video Campaign Email

  • (sub-campaign) Dubb Video LinkedIn

  • (sub-campaign) Dubb Video SMS

  • (sub-campaign) Dubb Social Media

To add these visit Campaign > Add New Campaign

3. Log activities (Optional for Sales Activity/Usage Reporting)

Now that you have added the API integration and custom activities, have your sales team manually log each activity you want to track, such as Send Dubb Video Email (See GIF for both Manually logged activity and Automatically logged activities)

4. Generating Reports & Dashboards (This step is where you meet with the Dubb team for custom creation of Reports/Dashboards)

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