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How to use the Dubb Salesforce extension
How to use the Dubb Salesforce extension

Dubb Announces Salesforce Integration and Partnership

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Dubb, the world’s sales-focused video communication platform, is announcing a new integration and partnership with Salesforce, the number one small business CRM software. Dubb’s full integration with salesforce lets Dubb and Salesforce users quickly and easily leverage the power of video when connecting with their prospects. Learn more at “This is an integration that our team has been working on for some time now,” said Dubb founder and CEO Ruben Dua. “We are extremely excited about this new partnership with Salesforce and the value that it will create for Salesforce and Dubb users.” With this new integration, Dubb and Salesforce users can easily create, customize, track, and analyze their video content—all within their Salesforce dashboards. Completing this work within Salesforce, they can both save time and develop closer relationships with their prospects. The integration is made of several components. The first component centers on creation. When composing an email in Salesforce, users can simply click on the Dubb icon and easily record new videos, select from pre-recorded videos, and incorporate those videos into their Salesforce emails. To access this feature, users need to download the free Dub Chrome extension. The next component is tracking. Users automatically get detailed analytics for each of their videos—all within Salesforce. This occurs when users send their videos through Salesforce, LinkedIn, text messages, or something else. The third is all about building reports and dashboards. Users can analyze all of their collected data in a bulk setting. These reports are customized based on what users want to see. Users can also build dashboards from that data, making it extremely easy to see how their video content is performing Ultimately, Dubb’s Salesforce integration and partnership is the latest step in its mission to help users accomplish their sales and marketing goals. Salesforce users can configure this integration by going to

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