This article explains how to resolve common issues with the Dubb Chrome Extension on Google Chrome including webcam access, microphone access, screen recording, and more.

There are two options to update the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Option 1. Click the “update available” link within the Dubb Chrome Extension.
This will install the new version of the Dubb Chrome Extension. Make sure to restart Chrome after installing it. If you still see issues, please also consider rebooting your computer.

Option 2. Uninstall the Dubb Chrome Extension from Google Chrome: and then re-install from the same page:

PLEASE NOTE: Please also make sure you’re Chrome Browser is updated to date to the latest version. You will most probably see a green up arrow on the right-hand side of your Google Chrome browser if there is an update available. You can also visit this link to get the latest version of Google Chrome

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