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How to Link Accounts on Dubb
How to Link Accounts on Dubb

This is a brief guide to link multiple Dubb accounts.

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Whether you are an agency or have multiple businesses, this guide shows you how to link multiple accounts.

Be Aware: Even when accounts are linked you will need to log in to the correct account on the Chrome extension if you want to use the features there.

To link accounts visit your profile page of the secondary account you want to link to your primary account. Enter the email of the primary account you want to link to.
Each Business will need its own Dubb account. Each account will need its own subscription.
You can use the same email for each additional account by adding a "+" followed by anything, after your email and before the @
Example and alias would be or etc...

Once the accounts have been linked you can switch between accounts by clicking the profile icon in the top right corner and selecting "Switch Accounts".

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