How to embed, attach, and send a video in Constant Contact using Dubb

Step 1. Install the free Dubb Chrome Extension (

Step 2. Signup for a Dubb account (

Step 3. Visit your Constant Contact account and select the option to build a campaign.

Step 4. Click on the Dubb icon to record, select, or upload a video with your Dubb account.

Step 5. When you insert the video of your choice into the template you will see that it inserts as the video title text that is linked to the video.

Constant Contact does not allow for animated GIFs or still images to be inserted into email templates this way.

You must first drag an image block into the template, or select an existing image block already in the template.
Here you can upload the image you want (you can copy, paste, and save images from Dubb) and then link the image with the appropriate Dubb video URL.

Signup for a Dubb account here:

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