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How Dubb Integrates with Constant Contact
How Dubb Integrates with Constant Contact

How to send Dubb videos from Constant Contact

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Easily incorporate Dubb video across all of your messages out of your Constant Contact account — no coding required.

Here's how to send a video in Constant Contact using Dubb, step-by-step:

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Step 1: Sign up for a Dubb account here.

Step 2: Navigate to the Campaigns tab on Constant Contact.

Step 3: Choose from the multiple options to either create an email from scratch, use your own HTML, or import a PDF, or their templates.

Step 4: Drag and drop an image block into the body of your email.

Step 3: Select your video from the Dubb library. Pull up the Share & Send window. Click the "Copy for Email" dropdown, and choose the Download GIF option.

Step 4: Once the animated GIF preview is generated, right-click on it and select Save Image as. This will download the GIF to your local file library.

Step 5: Back inside Constant Contact, click on the image placeholder. Next, select Replace and then the Upload option. Locate the GIF you previously downloaded. To add it to the email, click Insert. Resize the image as you see fit by dragging the expand tool, which can be found in its lower right corner.

Step 6: Return to the Share & Send window over at Dubb, and click on Advanced Options.

Step 7: In the "Optimize for" dropdown, select the Constant Contact option. Click the "Copy for Email" dropdown once more, then choose Copy URL.

Step 8: Go back to your Constant Contact email, and select the option to add a link to the image. Select Web Page when presented with the various linking options.

Step 9: Finally, paste the optimized video URL into the text field and click Insert.

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