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How to Use Dubb Sync by API Nation
How to Use Dubb Sync by API Nation

Dubb Syncs by API Nation

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API Nation has added Dubb to its integration platform. You can now easily connect Dubb to popular productivity and real estate apps like kvCORE, KW Connect, Zillow,, and more. You can find these integrations directly on the Dubb page of API Nation

API Nation specializes in creating integrations between popular apps specifically for the real estate industry. They believe that real estate professionals should be able to use their preferred apps and combine them into the best system for their business. To enable real estate professionals to do this, API Nation creates integrations for the top platforms that are very easy to set up and use. Anyone, even the non-tech-savvy, can benefit from these integrations. A typical setup is:

  1. Connect Dubb to API Nation by simply adding your API Token from Dubb

  2. Select and connect the app that you’d like to integrate, by signing in to that app

  3. Configure a handful of features so the integration is set up best for you

  4. Start the integration!

Most integrations are not just basic contact syncs. They often include workflows packaged to assist agents, brokers, operations managers, and admin professionals to be as productive as possible. This is achieved by targeting and automating daily processes so that these professionals are free to spend less time in front of a computer cutting and pasting and importing CSV files so they can spend more time with clients.

Additionally, brokerages love the integrations because they empower the broker to create a high-powered custom tech stack with apps connected through API Nation. They can then showcase their finely-tuned and flexible tech stack to recruit and retain agents who are excited to use all the best apps, and not compromise by being locked into a single monolithic “all-in-one” platform.

How do API Nation subscriptions work?

Each connection is a single subscription with a flat rate. For example, if you connect Dubb to kvCORE that is a single subscription. Connect Dubb to kvCORE and connect Dubb to and that is two subscriptions.

The flexibility is that you can sync as much data and contacts as you want and never worry about getting punished, it will always be the same flat rate. Also you can set up multiple Syncs within a connection and it’s still one subscription. Agents will often set up a Sync for a specific tag in their CRM, and then a separate Sync for another tag with slightly different rules. Both those Syncs would be covered by one subscription.

Are these one-way or two-way syncs?

Some of these subscriptions allow you to set up syncs to send contacts both ways (this would ensure contacts populate into both systems you are using, no matter where they are entered), and some subscriptions only allow a one-way sync (for example is primarily a lead capture platform, so you will only be able to sync leads from that platform to Dubb).

API Nation allows for custom field mapping and custom filters/rules to give you full control over which contacts sync and the information that actually syncs from system to system.

How to Connect Dubb

How To Connect Dubb

Step 1: Go to to create a free API Nation account.

Step 2: Go to the Dubb tile on the Apps page

Step 3: Click Connections and then Add Account

Step 4: Click the "Dubb API Token" link or just go to:

Step 5: Click the "+" sign in the Personal Access Tokens are to create a new Token

Step 6: Name the Token (e.g. API Nation)

Step 7: Triple click the Token to highlight it all, and then push Ctrl + C to copy the token or push Command + C on a Mac

Step 8: Label your connection, Paste in the token (push Ctrl + V to past the token or Command + V on a Mac), and click Connect

You’re now ready to start setting up Dubb Syncs

Set Up Sync

After your Dubb account has been connected to API Nation you can start setting up syncs system. you are able to create multiple syncs within a specific sync subscription:

Managing your API Nation Account

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