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How Dubb Integrates with Asana
How Dubb Integrates with Asana

How to include, attach, and share a video in asana using Dubb

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How to Include, Attach, and Share a Video in Asana using Dubb

Have you ever wanted to make your Asana tasks more visual in nature? Well, now you can with the Asana Dubb video integration. Learn more at

Step 1. Install the free Dubb Chrome Extension (

Step 2. Signup for a Dubb account (

Step 3. Visit your Asana account and view a task description or task comment.

Step 4. Click on the Dubb icon to record, select, or upload a video with your Dubb account.

That’s it! You can signup for a Dubb account here:

Here’s an extended video walkthrough:

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