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How Dubb Integrates with Book Like a Boss
How Dubb Integrates with Book Like a Boss

Book Like a Boss, BLAB

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In this article we show you how to connect BLAB to Dubb so your calendar can appear directly below your video

In order to integrate Dubb with your Book Like a Boss account you will start on the Dashboard

On the left menu, click Assets>Calls to Action. In the Call To Action tab you will click the blue plus in the top right corner to create a new Call to Action

Then, "Calendar" in the Type category and make sure to click on Book Like a Boss as your integration of choice.

In this section you will need to add an ID and a Hash. You need to go to your BLAB Dashboard and create an embed, in the Embeds tab.
For more info about how to create an embed click here

In your saved embed- look for the letter "i" and the letter "h"
The four numbers AFTER the letter i is your ID number for the Call to Action.
All the letters AFTER the letter h, until the quotation mark is your hash.

Cut and paste or type out the ID and Hash numbers.

You can select a number of options on what you would like the clickable button to say. ( Schedule a Call/Consultation/ Book Me... etc) Name this embed, then click Submit. Save and Close.

Now all you need to do is add this Call to Action to a video, or to a Preset, so that it is automatically applied to your videos every time you record

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