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How Dubb Integrates with Marketo
How Dubb Integrates with Marketo

How Dubb Integrates with Marketo

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The Dubb + Marketo integration allows Dubb Videos to be sent through Marketo and track which recipients are engaging with the videos.

This engagement data can be automatically synced between Dubb and Marketo. The synchronized engagement data can be used to automatically update contacts in either Dubb or Marketo to trigger other automation.

Here is how to Send trackable Dubb videos through Marketo:

Step 1 Synchronize contacts Between Dubb and Marketo
Export your contacts from Marketo and import them into Dubb using a CSV file.

There is optional 2-way sync so that once your contacts are imported they can automatically stay synchronized

Step 2 Optimize Video for Marketo

On the video edit page, check the "Optimize for" option and select Marketo

Once the optimization switch is enabled, click the "COPY FOR EMAIL" button, then paste your clipboard into your Marketo Template.

Step 3. Send your Email and Track the Results

Dubb will identify the following metrics for each contact: Email Opens, Email Link Clicks, Video View %, CTA clicks

This activity reporting can be automatically synced to other systems such as Salesforce through the AP

Custom support with Marketo Integration is available for Dubb Team Subscriptions upon request.

Here is a quick video demonstrating how the Dubb Chrome Extension integrates with Marketo:

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