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How to Setup Portfolio Pages
How to Setup Portfolio Pages

Setup Portfolio Pages

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Generally, the clips added to the video playlist feature appear below your Dubb video and play automatically after the first one is finished.

With the new portfolio feature, these videos are allowed to be presented with individual thumbnails compiled in one folder. Now you'll have a virtual video portfolio!

Setting up your Portfolio Pages

1. Go to your video edit page. Add videos on the playlist of the same use cases and related content to your main video.

Note: The videos will be shown based on the order in which you have included them in the list.

2. Under the video's URL, you can see an option to enable the Portfolio link.

2. Once enabled, the word portfolio will be added to your video's URL. Alternately, you may opt to copy the original URL then add /portfolio at the end.

3. Copy the link and paste it to another tab.

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