How to Allow Webcam and Mic Access to the Dubb Chrome Extension

Now that you've installed the Dubb Chrome Extension you're ready to start leveraging the power of video from your computer and mobile phone.

With the Dubb Chrome Extension you can record and share dozens of different types of videos such as:

  • sales pitches
  • tutorials
  • explanations
  • demos
  • lesson plans

The benefits that you get from using the Dubb Chrome extension include:

  • build trust and streamline communication by providing a visual experience of the information you'd like to share
  • save time by recording a video instead of writing an email or having a conversation
  • maximize the impact of your communication by providing content relevant to the recipient.

In order to realize the benefits of the Dubb Chrome Extension, you must provide access to your webcam and mic through Google Chrome. Access is solely used for recording videos for you to share and content is never saved for any other reason than this.

While installing the Dubb Chrome Extension you can allow access to your mic and webcam. 

If you do not allow mic and webcam access in the initial setup process you can also provide access in the browser toolbar by clicking the video icon in the URL bar.

Need to reinstall? Download the Dubb Chrome Extension

Still having trouble?
Try entering this URL to manually add permissions

Using Mojave on Mac? Check this article
To get the full experience with Dubb, make sure to the Dubb iPhone app and sign in to the Dubb website.

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