Here are the shortcut keys when you use the Dubb Chrome Extension

For Mac:

Stop and Upload - Option+U

Pause/Resume - Option+P

Cancel - Option+C

For Windows PC:

Stop and Upload - Alt+U

Pause/Resume - Alt+P

Cancel - Alt+C

Here are the shortcut keys for the Dubb Desktop App:

For Mac:
Microphone On/Off: Option M
Webcam On/Off: Option W
Teleprompter: Option T
Annotation On/Off: Option AWebcam Full Screen: Option F
Decrease Webcam: Option -
Increase Webcam: Option +Start Recording: Option R
Cancel Recording: Option C
Pause Recording: Option P
Upload Recording: Option U

For Windows PC:

Microphone On/Off: ALT M
Webcam On/Off: ALT W
Teleprompter: ALT T
Annotation On/Off: ALT AWebcam Full Screen: ALT F
Decrease Webcam: ALT -
Increase Webcam: ALT +Start Recording: ALT R
Cancel Recording: ALT C
Pause Recording: ALT P
Upload Recording: ALT U

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