This article shows how to set up the ActiveCampaign integration

Dubb ActiveCampaign Integration allows you to select videos from your Dubb account and embed them directly into an email:

With Dubb's real-time notifications you can get tracking for the following activities:

  • Video watch rates

  • Emoji reactions

  • Call-to-action engagements

  • Video replies

Here are the steps to setup the Dubb ActiveCampaign Integration.

  • Signup for a Dubb account

  • Add the Dubb integration to your ActiveCampaign by copying and pasting the API Key from ActiveCampaign to Dubb

  • Synchronize your Contacts between Dubb and ActiveCampaign using CSV import then set up a Webhook to keep them in sync automatically


    If you find that ActiveCampaign is blocking the GIF in your test send, please try this as a workaround
    1 Download the GIF
    2 Hyperlink the GIF with the Optimzed URL
    Here is a video explaining the process

    Soon to come more Dubb + Active Campaign Recipes

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