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How to Enable Dubb Messaging to Add Instant Chat on Video Pages
How to Enable Dubb Messaging to Add Instant Chat on Video Pages
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This article explains how to use Dubb's real-time messaging feature.

Here is a video tutorial:

Please note: this feature is turned on by default, however, the switch is “sticky” which means it will remember the last setting entered. To turn-off the Messaging Feature, uncheck the check box.

Once the Dubb Messaging module is added to a Dubb video page, viewers of the video can send and receive private, real-time messages with you.

How to Respond and Send Messages

In your dashboard, you will notice a Messaging module on the bottom right. Here, you can see the messages that were sent to you. To respond simply click on the person’s name, then respond. The other person will receive your message in real-time. This is great for real-time conversations and lead generation.

There are two ways to send messages:

  1. By clicking the send button and 2. By clicking enter. This is an option within the chat module.

How to Get notifications for Chat Messages

You can receive real-time notifications via the Dubb Mobile app ( and Dubb website ( ) via the messaging module on the bottom right of your dashboard.

Please make sure that you allow notifications on the app when installing. You can also enable within the notification settings.

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