is a booking and scheduling engine that lets anyone manage their calendars through a public booking link. With, you won’t lose high-quality leads to the friction of finding a matching schedule.

Here’s how to set up your

Step 1: Visit to sign up for the feature. Please be sure to use the exact email and name you used to sign up for Dubb.

Step 2: Fill in your Business name and subdomain -- the same you used for Dubb. Example: (

Step 3: Set your hours of availability when people can book you.

Step 4: Add different appointment types as needed.

Step 5: To sync to your current calendar, click on “Integrations” on the left panel and navigate to “Calendars”.

Step 6: Find your current calendar service (either Google, Outlook, or others) and click connect.

Step 7: Select “2-Way Sync”, authorize, and click save. That’s all!

If you would like to sync with a video-conferencing software, find the tab on the integration page and click “authorize”. It'll be connected automatically.

You can find your booking link for everyone on your team on the "User" section

Here's how to connect your Calify booking link to a Dubb video call-to-action:

Step 1: On your Dubb dashboard, click on Assets, and select "calls-to-action".

Step 2: Select as the calendar provider from the list of options. Then copy and past your booking link in the URL field.

Step 3: Select your desired button text and click submit.

Here's how to add the CTA to a video:

Step 1: Select the video and navigate to the "Details" tab.

Step 2: Select the CTA from the list of options (in this case, the booking CTA you just created). Then click "Save".

Done! Your Calify will now appear on the video landing page.

Note Do not add the "?locale=" to the Calify URL when creating a CTA

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