The Dubb/ClickFunnels integration allows you to quickly create or select a video to embed onto your ClickFunnels pages with just a few clicks.

***As long as you have the Dubb Chrome Extension installed, turned on, and are logged into it, the ClickFunnels integration will automatically be available and does not require any additional installation.


Visit your ClickFunnels dashboard and start by either creating a new Funnel or editing an existing one.

If you are building a new Funnel, you can select from any existing template, or build from scratch

If you are editing an existing Funnel click the "EDIT PAGE" button

While using the Page Editor, click on the field you want to insert a video. In the toolbar of the video you will notice a Dubb icon.

Click the Dubb icon to get access to your library of videos, or record a new video.
Once you have selected the viddeo you want to embed on the page, click the thumbnail of the video, then click "Insert Video"
This will embed the full Dubb video onto your ClickFunnels Page.

Once you have inserted the video onto the page, save your progress(1).

Now you can preview page, by using the Preview option(2) in the ClickFunnels toolbar

Dubb will track the number of times the video is played and what % of the video is played each time.

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