If you are having difficulties recording video or audio with the Chrome extension, or Gmail, Linkedin, Hubspot etc add-ons, please try the following steps

Open your Dubb Chrome Extension and click Settings.
If Microphone or Camera have encoded options as in the screenshot below, that means the extension does not have permission.

1 Uninstall the Dubb Chrome extension
2 Then Clear your Cache
3 Reinstall Dubb Chrome Extension
****During Install, there is a popup that appears in the top left corner of the browser that asks for permission to access the webcam and mic. You must be sure to say yes to that popup

If you do not see the popup still you can try this:

Enter this URL and manually add permissions

PLEASE NOTE: If you are STILL HAVING ISSUES, please do the following.

Create a new Chrome profile (Why? Often times other Chrome Extensions or settings in your Chrome Profile cause issues).

Install the Dubb Chrome Extension

Allow Mic/Webcam access

Record a test video

If you are still having issues after doing the above steps, we recommend recording a video from your phone and email it (with a detailed description) to support@dubb.com.


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