Dubb offers you several convenient ways to create videos.

Here is a video showing the different ways you can record videos using Dubb

How to Create Videos

1. Website Recorder- Allows you to create webcam videos
Click the blue plus button in the top right corner then click the record option

2.  Dubb Chrome Extension- Allows you to create Screen recordings, webcam videos, and screen recordings including the webcam.
There is a full video on the chrome extension here: https://corp.dubb.com/v/hMyRA4

3. Add-ons/Integrations- You can record directly through the many add-ons and integrations such as Gmail, Linkedin, Salesforce, and more

4. Mobile App- You can record multiple clips, with music, text and emoji overlay, and more. This is a powerful way to film dynamic videos with real time editing, without the need to use a video editor afterwards.

Here is a video on how to record with the mobile app.

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