Posting a video is a great way to grow your engagement. This is especially more effective when your call-to-action is as close as possible to your video.

If you’re using Dubb, you’d be happy to know that it allows you to integrate with Book Like A Boss. This software lets you create any type of service and embed them on your Dubb platform video page.  Your calls-to-action can now be posted directly below your video. It can also create a pop-up of the booking page which you are sure to get the call booked.

It’s as easy as pie! Just follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to your call-to-action buttons on your Dubb account


Step 2. Add the Book Like A Boss call-to-action.

Step 3. Now we need to Connect your book like a boss and your dubb together Two things you will need is your Book Like A Boss ID like the one shown below and your hash number.

When you fill these two numbers in on your call to actions, it will then integrate Book Like A Boss to your Dubb account. This will be added as one of the call-to-action options every time you create your video.

You can choose this to be your default or you can choose any product or service that you offer on Book Like A Boss and embed that custom button on your custom job page or video.

To watch a screenshare with the steps, click the video below.

Full voiceover tutorial watch the following video.

This is how it looks when the video is embedded and the Book Like A Boss booking link is directly below it. Easily accessible!

To gain trust and rapport with potential clients video clearly does that and these two software together brings down barriers. Plus in the Dubb analytics we can see Email, Watch and Call rates to see how individual videos do with engagement. Such useful ways to grow and optimize prospecting while also giving great customer service with Dubb software!

We have been using Dubb & Book like a Boss for our agency prospecting and appointment setting. It works fabulous!  We can see the traffic analytics on the video and also get the appointment locked in! Thank you Dubb, and Book like a Boss!

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