To sync your contacts with Dubb, you will first want to export all existing contacts from your database, then upload them to Dubb as a CSV import.
This is done under the Contacts Tab

After you have synced your existing contacts the next step is to use Zapier to automatically sync new contacts.

Step 1. Go to the Integrations page on the Dubb dashboard, then click configure next to Zapier

Step 2. Accept the invite and begin building a Zap.

Step 3. Search for your CRM and Select New Contact as your Trigger
After you select the New Contact Trigger, press save and continue button until the Trigger is completed.

Step 4. Add an Action Step, Search for Dubb, and Select Create Contact

Step 5. Match contact fields and choose a Tag. Tags will be used to build lists and trigger actions. So make sure you include tags. You have the option to send a test contact to Dubb.

Step 6. Finish, Name your Zap and Turn it on!

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