With Dubb, you will be able to create workflows that automate several aspects of your marketing. 

The possible actions within the workflow are (we will be continually expanding this list)

  • send emails
  • send SMS (coming)
  • add/remove tags
  • create task

The triggers for automated workflow will include:

  • tag added
  • video watched
  • video not watched

As always you can import your contacts into Dubb from the contact management system.

The options for importing contacts are:

  • manual import via CSV from the contact page
  • Zapier
  • webhook
  • form fill

Here are some uses cases for our automation tool:

  • Contacts get auto sent a video email based on contact import/tag add (via Zapier/Webhook)
  • Task gets auto created when a user does not watch a video
  • Email/SMS drip campaign to nurture/convert prospects (SMS coming soon)
  • Users fill out a form on a video page which 1) adds a trigger, then 2) intitiates a drip sequence

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