To access the Configuration, click your profile icon in the top right of the Dubb Dashboard, then select the option that says "Your Settings"

The left navigation will change and you will see a tab that says "Team", Click "Team" and then you will see a tab that says "Configuration".

BE AWARE: Gmail accounts will be limited to 100 emails per day.

Follow these instructions.

Here is the link for turning on less secure apps for Regular Gmail accounts
In addition to allowing Less Secure apps, you will have to ensure Two Step Verification is turned OFF

If you are the administrator of your GSuite account it may require you to visit the link in the screenshot below (Learn how to control access to less secure apps). You can access that link by clicking the link here

Here is the link for enforcing less secure apps as a GSUITE admin:
You will also need to choose the option to Enforce access to less secure apps. (See second screenshot)

If you are still having troubles connecting your Gmail to Dubb try these steps. 

  1. go to and click on users

2. Click on the user/admin you are using to login
3. Click on security
4. Once you're there click: “Turn off identity questions for 10 minutes after a suspicious attempt to sign in”
5. Now save your campaign configuration in Dubb again and you should have access

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