Step 1. You must already have access to an email sending platform (Mailchimp, most CRMS, etc..)

Locate the personalization token you want to use
For example the First Name token in Infusionsoft is ~Contact.FirstName~
For ActiveCampaign the first name token is %FIRSTNAME%
For MailChimp the first name token is *|FNAME|*

Step 2. Enter the message you want to say into the Personalization text field, then copy the HTML code using the Copy html code option shown in the image below. Within your Email sending Platforms interface paste the video or HTML code into the template and view the code version of your Dubb Video. (Click the View Code Button <>)

Step 3. Locate the three to four instances in which the video URL appears in the code.
add to the end of the video URL after ?message=(Encoded Email Token)
For example in Infusionsoft the three video URLs should be, your message here
In ActiveCampaign it would be, your message here
In MailChimp it would be *|FNAME|*, your message here

This is what the HTML code for your video should look like after you are finished, changes are in red.
This is an example in Mailchimp

This is an example for Infusionsoft 

Step 4. Send your email broadcast.

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