There are several ways to activate user-level tracking. These include:

  • Sending 1-1 emails
  • Sending 1-to-many emails
  • Sending 1-1 SMS
  • Sending 1-to-many SMS
  • Sending 1-1 social post or direct message
  • Sending 1-1 LinkedIn message

To take advanted of user-level tracking follow these steps:

  • Import or Sync your contacts to Dubb
  • Enter a person's email in the share module (if you are doing an email broadcast see below)
  • Copy the link and share on the desired channel (email, social, SMS, etc)

Here's an animated gif that showcase how to do this:

 If you are doing an email or SMS broadcast, make sure to append the video URL with this parameter so get user-level tracking:



where you replace "" with each user's email

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