Here is a video covering how tracking works

There are several options to get activity reporting and several types of activity.
Types of activity:

  1. Email Open: This means the person opened the email that had a video attached
  2. Email Clicks: This means the person clicked on your video or link in the email
  3. Page View: This means someone viewed the video landing page the video is on but did not necessarily watch the video.
  4. Video View: This shows what percentage of a video a person watched
  5. CTA Click: This shows what CTA a recipient clicked
  6. Emoji Reaction: This shows what emoji reaction a recipient clicked
  7. Video Reply: This shows that a person replied with a video through the reply with video CTA

Places to view activity:

  1. Dubb Chrome Extension
  2. Third Party Extensions (Gmail, LinkedIn, CRMs etc)
  3. Dubb website
  4. Dubb mobile

Here's a video gif of the dashboard.

And a video gif of the activity reporting module.

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