How to Build Email Templates

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Dubb allows you to include templated emails when you are sending directly from Dubb 1-1, or if you are using the campaign or automation tools.

Below is a video on how to build email templates:

How to build templates:

You can build templates and make edits to them by visiting the Assets >Templates section of the website or

Templates will automatically include your logo and social accounts you have connected to Dubb.
If you chose the "Simple" option, the template will be blank and allow you to paste your own HTML.

1. Once you have chosen a template click the "select" button, then name the template.

2. Modify the contents of the template and save your changes.

Where to include templates:
A. When sending videos 1-1 directly from Dubb you can select from existing email templates.

B. When sending videos through Campaigns or Automations you can select from the list of existing templates.

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