How to Build a Webinar CTA

This article explains how you can create a webinar CTA:

Start by visiting your dashboard. Click Assets then your Calls to Action.

Select Webinar as your CTA type.

Choose the platform where you want to conduct your webinar. 


Check this article and follow all the instructions given to generate a webinar URL

Once you have this URL, copy the provided code after the word register until the last letter before the question mark (?) symbol. See highlighted part of the photo below:

Paste this code to your CTA template and fill in all the necessary information such as Webinar Title, Button Text, etc then click Submit.


The webinar ID is located in your account.


Go to My Events page and click Embed Code option under the event you'd like to embed on your Dubb video.

Copy the provided Webinar ID which is the highlighted part of the photo:

Paste the code on your CTA template under the Webinar ID section.

Check out this tutorial video to learn more:

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