How to Use ScheduleOnce calendar integration

This article shows how to set-up and integrate ScheduleOnce as a calendar call to action.

Setting up of ScheduleOnce CTA

From your dashboard, click Assets then Calls to Action.

Choose Calendar as CTA type and ScheduleOnce for Integrations. Fill out the necessary fields such as Name and Button Text.

Get your username from the booking link provided by Schedule Once.

Paste your username and click Submit.

Integrating ScheduleOnce CTA to your Videos

Click Videos on the left part of your screen then choose one of your videos.

This will redirect you to your video info page. Click on the plus (+) icon to add the new CTA created. 

If you want to apply some changes to your CTA, click the pencil icon.

Once changes are applied, ScheduleOnce calendar integration will show under your video.

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