How to Use the Dubb LinkedIn Extension

To use the Dubb LinkedIn Extension, install the Dubb Chrome Extension.

Here is a video for how the Dubb Linkedin Extension works:

Once you install this extension and log into the extension you will see the Dubb icon in a LinkedIn message window, the connection message window where you add a note, and in the comments window.

Click this icon to see four options.

  • Record - Record videos directly from your LinkedIn window. Please note this is a webcam recording only. If you like to include a screen video, then record one with the Dubb Chrome Extension and select the video 
  • Select - This allows you to select a video recorded from the Dubb Chrome Extension, the Dubb iPhone app or Dubb website.
  • Upload - Upload videos saved on your computer.
  • Activity - View activity reporting for all videos

Here is an animated gif that shows a tracked video being shared on LinkedIn.

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